Happy Anniversary

One year ago today, the illusion of American Presidency was shattered. As Donald Trump put hand to bible and took the presidential oath, he effectively killed the grandeur and pomp once associated with his now disgraced office. Naturally, of the 44 men who preceded Donald, not all were worthy of the office. American Presidents have been racists, warmongers, crooks, and diplomatic failures. In those categories Trump shares notable and historic company. Still, until 2016, there existed a notion that, POTUS, was a title reserved for an individual of intellectual and strategic capabilities greater than the average man. That despite political positions and moral shortcomings, the President would be a man or woman who would represent this nation with dignity and strength, especially on the world stage. Donald Trump lowered the bar of presidential prerequisites to a level so morbidly embarrassing, that the very future of American global leadership is now in question. And so, as a toast to the 45th best President in American history, on the day of his first anniversary in office, and on the first day of our federal government shutdown, I have compiled the following list of some of POTUS’ most splendid failures to date.

#1 – Government Shutdown (duh)

How could I not start with the most obvious and most recent public embarrassment for Mr. Trump? This one is particularly important, as it also represents a failure of historic proportion for the GOP controlled congress who, despite every political advantage, has failed to pass all but one of the major bills they proposed in 2017. Perhaps everyone on Capitol Hill should have read “The Art of the Deal” before negotiations began?

#2 – The Wall

This one is debatable as a failure. If you assume that Donald really intended to build an 800 mile long wall along the southern border, payed for courtesy of the Mexican government, then, emphatically, this has been an obvious failure. However, if you believe the promise of a border wall was a farce meant to trick racist illiterates into voting for him, then this can actually be viewed as a strategic success. Since no one in Trump’s camp can seem to agree on the truth of the matter, I’m going to go ahead and call it a failure.

#3 – Prosecute Hillary

Well, he did promise us a major investigation by the justice department. I’ll call this one 50/50.

#4 – Keeping Jobs in America

One of POTUS’ most important and consequential campaign promises, was that he would keep manufacturing jobs in America, AND force American corporations to bring overseas jobs back to the states. This promise won Trump the overwhelming support of rust belt union workers, most of which have been lifelong democrats. Unfortunately for those men and women, over 93,000 American jobs were lost to foreign competition in 2017…. Ouch.

#5 – Replace and Repeal

Thank you Senator McCain.

#6 – Vacation Days

After slamming Obama during the course of his presidency with tweets like this, and promising that he would be the hardest working president in American history, Donald spent 43 days away from the white house during his first year in office. His leisure time included a 17-day trip to Mar a Lago, almost as long as the entirety of Obama’s first year off days.

#7 – A Revolving Door of Cabinet Positions

Since he took office, Trump has been unable to control the chaos in his administration. In the first year of his presidency, a dozen members of the executive branch have been fired or resigned for one embarrassing reason or another. From conflicts of interest, claims of corruptions, and an ruthless culture of backstabbing in the White House, it seems that no one will come out of this presidency unscathed.

In an effort to keep this article brief, I’m going to stop at 7. I could probably also mention the degrading opinion of America among global leaders, the president’s many personal scandals, the firing of Director Comey, the White House leaks, and much more. Instead, I’ll just leave you with these neat articles to read!





Happy anniversary Donny! Keep up the shit work.


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