Have You Heard This Podcast?

[Prepare yourself for shameless self promotion]

Hello there, dear reader of Moderno, and welcome back. it’s good to see you again. You look well. Are those new shoes? Fantastic!

Listen, while I have you here, may I share some exciting news with you?… Swell!

First of all, are you a fan of podcasts? You know, those quirky new TV shows with no pictures? They’re all sound, just like radio music and your dad’s WWII audio books. Exciting stuff, I knoooow!

Anyway, turns out I started one of my very own (a podcast, not a WWII audio book). It’s a quirky little number I started with my three best amigos: Tim, Tim, and Harry.

What’s that you say?… the name? The name is Carlos, my dear!

Oh, of the show. yes, obviously… The show is titled, The Pilots Podcast. 

“Pilots” is a show about pilots. Not air travel my boy (I’m terribly afraid of flight). It’s about pilots… as in pilot episodes… As in the first episode of a new series. Every episode of the podcast is a brand new pilot for a brand new show. Only, those series never get picked up. There’s only one of each (don’t tell the hosts).

So far my co-hosts and I have mangled together 5 episodes of our new little hobby. We’re planning to release 7 more this season, then take a break to refill our limited range creativity tanks — we’re like the ’71 Ford Broncos of content creation.

For being such a swell reader and all around good person, I’m giving you an exclusive opportunity to listen to the first 5 episodes of The Pilots Podcast FOR FREE through the link below. You may also listen to any future episodes for free just by being a living, breathing person with access to the internet. Good luck.

Pocket Casts

p.s. – check out these handsome boys trying hard to make dope content while rapidly approaching their thirties 🙂 #itslitfam

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